Co-packing (Копакинг)

What is a Co-Packing ?



Co-Packing is dynamically developing service at the market, especially at FMCG market. The number of products is increasing every year at the market. At every market, every distribution network has its own requirements for product packaging. For many transnational companies, co-packing is the most important part in the chain of product manufacture and supply. Co-packing allows to optimize product to meet market requirements, to increase manufacturing efficiency, capacity without capital investment in new manufacturing lines.


Multipacking company provides co-packing services in  Russia:

  • Possibility of manufacturing, co-packing of your products, under conditions of limited manufacturing capabilities of your company
  • Manufacturing and copacking for any quantity of products (no minimum quantity)
  • Quick launch of your product at the market – from idea to final consumer. 
  • Co-packing of seasonal products, for example, packaging of New Year’s gifts – fast and before the deadline.
  • Various options of your product packaging
  • Launch of new products – we organize manufacturing of your product
  • Responsibility for the process of your product packaging – you focus on the most important – on promotion
  • Development and innovation in the field of product packaging
  • Optimization offerings in packaging for customers.  We accumulate experience in the field to share it with you
  • Guarantee of the best quality
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General Manager
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  • Various options of packaging
  • No minimum quantity
  • Certification ISO:9001
  • Guarantee of 100% quality control
  • Climate control storage
  • High productivity
  • Fast delivery
  • Minimum write-off for defects



  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring and security service
  • Convenient location and access ways to manufacture
  • Climate Control Storage for any type of products
  • Certified Quality Systems
  • Professionalism and experience of our staff