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Packaging is the division of a large batch of products into separate portions of a fixed weight product. The type of packaging and serving size are chosen in such a way as to ensure customer satisfaction, maximum economy and convenience during transportation. The quality and preservation of product properties depend on the quality of packaging and the type of packaging.
We provide quality management system and food safety. Trusting us with your product, your brand is in safe hands!
Our specialists will help you to develop your own brand, to select package materials, optimal design and construction of package.
Promotion campaign has one goal – significant increase of your brand sales. If you have limited manufacturing capabilities, but you still want to launch promotion campaign with the best rate of return on investment – we will help you to solve this problem.
With the growth of modern trade channels and nationwide networks, the quantity of SKU in sales is increasing rapidly every day. Also rapid increase of special products for different seasons is observed. We will help you to make your seasonal product unique.
Copacking is a service that is provided by specialized providers for packaging the customer's products in the type of packaging agreed with the customer in accordance with the specified specification for the weight and volume of the product.
The number of products on store shelves is getting bigger and bigger every day. And it is increasingly difficult for brand owners and manufacturers to differ from each other. In the fight for the buyer, it is extremely important to ensure that the product is visible on the shelf, because it takes less than 10 seconds for an ordinary buyer to make a decision about buying from the shelf. Many manufacturers underestimate the power of marketing tools to increase sales and rely on proven mechanics in the form of direct product discounts, which is still relevant to this day. Here I would like to highlight 5 simple ways to increase brand sales using product packaging
Basic rules to consider: In addition to the bright design, the packaging must contain detailed information about the product: expiration date, composition, manufacturer, and recommendations for use. The text should be clearly readable and in a prominent place. Requirements for information on the packaging depend on the product category. The material and shape of the container is chosen taking into account the properties of the product. There are many ways to pack an item. The product can be placed in a bag, box, tube, jar or other container. The choice is determined by the consistency of the substance, shelf life, purpose, and other parameters. Automatic packaging ensures high productivity, strength and tightness of the container. Packaging machines perform packing of goods at a speed of 40+ units per minute. This allows you to quickly and efficiently process large batches....
Doy-pack is a flexible packaging that is made using five-seam technology. Depending on the application, it can be vacuum or simply sealed. Its main difference is the presence of a special fold at the bottom. When filling the package, the crease is straightened and the bottom is formed, so the doy packs can stand vertically. This is convenient when displaying the product on the store shelves.