What is co-packing ?

  • Before answering the question why do we need co-packing , let's figure out what it is.

    Copacking is a service that is provided by specialized providers for packaging the customer's products in the type of packaging agreed with the customer in accordance with the specified specification for the weight and volume of the product. There can be a huge variety of types of packages for the implementation of the client's tasks - flowpack, box, jar, group packaging, etc. What unites them is the process of converting a product from a semi-finished product to a finished product. In addition to packaging services, these companies usually provide a service for applying information to ready-made packages in the form of a seal on the package or a special information sticker.

    Usually, copacker is an organization that has a sufficient technology Park to ensure that all customer needs are met in the shortest possible time, as well as highly qualified personnel who have the necessary competencies to solve problems in the field of packaging.

    Why order packaging services on the side, if we can do it ourselves?
    This question often arises for the organization when it is necessary to make a decision about the implementation of a project.
    In work with a specialized company comecaram there are a lot of advantages.
    First, the timing of projects. Often, especially for large companies, launching a new product, localizing production, or making changes to the current packaging involves a huge amount of time and resources, which can lead to budget overruns or delays in deadlines. Co-packing helps to solve this problem, because the packaging service provider has a sufficient fleet of equipment to solve many packaging tasks , and the production process at copacking is very flexible and can adapt to the customer's tasks, which leads to a reduction in the time required to work on projects.
    Secondly, it is often more profitable to outsource small tasks to change the labeling and repackage the finished product than to transform your own production. This is especially true during seasonal peaks, when our own production is as busy as possible and rapid expansion of production capabilities is required

    Finally, to test product hypotheses, it is often necessary to produce a small batch, and in this case, copaking can help test the product without investing heavily in capital equipment. This is true for large companies when launching new products, as well as for startups when launching their product on the market, when their own production is not yet available.

    The main stages of the co-packing process.
    Of course, each project is unique and requires building processes that are relevant to it , but the main stages can be divided into the following:
    1. The formation of a technical task, together with co-packing partner, the company makes its objectives, which describes:
    • the type of product that requires packaging
    * desired type of packaging (flowpack, thermal film, box, etc.)
    * Initial data and characteristics of the initial product (weight, packaging, dimensions) and the desired product (weight, composition, type of packaging, pallet characteristics)
    • Customer's Brand guidelines when working with packaging design
    2. packaging Design of the final product-kopeker company develops the task and provides the customer with possible types of packaging that can be applied to solve the problem. The final stage is the agreed prototype, which is the reference sample
    3. signing the specification, agreeing on the terms and cost of work . It is important to clarify the expectations of each party as clearly as possible in order to meet them in the work process, in order to avoid conflict situations
    4. Start of work and shipment to the client. If all the stages are worked out as efficiently as possible, then it remains only to build processes in production and start the process of packaging products. Each packaging project has its own unique deadlines.

    Recently, this type of service is gaining popularity and more and more companies uses the services of co-packing.
    Our specialists at Multipacking will help you work out all the processes as efficiently as possible and implement the tasks facing your business.

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