Flow Pack Packaging

Flow Pack is product package in three-side sealed packs. Flow Pack is not the only name of such type of packaging. Sometimes it is called “fin” or “brick”.
<p>Flow Pack Packaging</p>

Also this type of packing has the following advantages

Co-packing flowpack


Flow pack can be of any shape, it is very convenient for packing different products.


Benefits of such packaging:


  • affordable price;
  • attractive design (your company logo will look on a flow pack very bright and beautiful);
  • comfort of use.


Multipacking company can offer you flow pack  co-packing service with usage of synthetic films, aluminum foil, cardboard or paper depending on the requirements.



Our specialists also will select appropriate variants of optimal packaging: vertical or horizontal, with flat bottom or pillow.


If necessary, our designers will help you with package design or will develop it from scratch.


  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring and security service
  • Convenient location and access ways to manufacture
  • Climate Control Storage for any type of products
  • Certified Quality Systems
  • Professionalism and experience of our staff