Pillow Bag packaging

Pillow bag is a pack sealed on three sides, made from a sheet of thermosealing packing paper roll. Filling in pillow bags is the easiest and the cheapest type of packaging. Minimum costs will be required to pack your product, because this package has only three seals. Products packed by this method are very convenient in usage and therefore they gained popularity among consumers.
<p>Pillow Bag packaging</p>

Also this type of packing has the following advantages

•    Low  price  due to minimal labor and time costs

•    High speed manufacturing of necessary party

•   Package tightness allows to  keep the product fresh, extend date of consumption , protect from external factors (smell, damage)

•    Variety of products for packaging: powders, sugar, salt, tea, coffee beans, dried fruit, sweets, seeds, chemical material, nuts, sunflower seeds, chips, corn sticks, cereals and pasta, fruit and vegetables, berries, dumplings

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