Multipacking company is a professional provider of co-packing services

Product package must be:

  • functional and with protection from external environment
  • practical in use
  • noticeable on the shop shelves
  • with high-quality printing and only from high-quality materials
  • long-life and wear-resistant


We are happy to help you to find solution for product packaging  and co-packing services which meets your requirements.



Multipacking company is ready to offer various options of co-packing services and product packaging to its customers.



Read below the information about available packaging options  and if you have any  questions please contact  us:

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General Manager
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Pillow bag is a pack sealed on three sides, made from a sheet of thermosealing packing paper roll. Filling in pillow bags is the easiest and the cheapest type of packaging. Minimum costs will be required to pack your product, because this package has only three seals. Products packed by this method are very convenient in usage and therefore they gained popularity among consumers.
Sachet – pack – is one of the most universal individual forms of package (plain 3 (three) or 4(four)-side sealed pack).
Multipacking company is ready for filling and packaging of any type of products according to customer’s requirements including box or can packaging.
Sleeve label is a flexible shrink film in a form of a sleeve used for putting on product with further thermal shrinkage
In case if automatic package is impossible, we can provide copacking service and help you to package your product on manual packing lines
Professional service for packaging products to order. Low prices, quality assurance
One of the most convenient and the simplest ways of creating product in portion packs is to pack it into stick pack
Flow Pack is product package in three-side sealed packs. Flow Pack is not the only name of such type of packaging. Sometimes it is called “fin” or “brick”.
You can buy cardboard boxes in our company. We produce and sell corrugated cardboard boxes of any size to order. We provide favorable prices and can ensure the fulfillment of any order for the production of cardboard boxes.