Cardboard boxes production

You can buy cardboard boxes in our company. We produce and sell corrugated cardboard boxes of any size to order. We provide favorable prices and can ensure the fulfillment of any order for the production of cardboard boxes.
<p>Cardboard boxes production</p>

Also this type of packing has the following advantages

What are the cardboard boxes ?


Cardboard boxes are one of the most popular types for primary and secondary packaging. Almost any product from the supermarket was Packed in corrugated cardboard boxes.


You can identify the main differences for cardboard packaging:


  • Brand of cardboard . You may have met the designation T21, P32, etc. This is the designation of the brand of corrugated cardboard. The first letter indicates the number of layers . In the case of-T - three layers, P-five layers. The more layers in the cardboard, the stronger the finished product. The first digit indicates the number of flat layers - 2 means 2 flat layers, and the last digit indicates the quality of the cardboard. The larger the number, the more detailed the material

  • The size of a cardboard box. The second parameter that affects the appearance and quality of a cardboard box is, of course, its size. Everything is simpler here. Sets the length, Width, and Height of the product

  • The shape of a cardboard box. With this parameter, things are more complicated. The number of designs and shapes of cardboard boxes is huge. Starting with the usual four-valve boxes and pizza boxes, ending with shapes with many faces and cardboard locks

  • Color of the cardboard box. There are 2 basic colors of the cardboard box: brown box and white box. An image can be applied to the brown box using flexo or digital printing technology. To get a better image, the front layer of the cardboard box is made of white color, on which the image is applied. This makes the colors of the box more vivid , but at the same time increases the cost of the product


In the Multipacking company you can buy cardboard boxes or order the production of corrugated cardboard boxes according to individual sizes.

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Cardboard box is one of the few packaging materials that can be completely recycled


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