What is a doy-pack?


    What is a DOY-pack?

    Doy-pack is a flexible packaging that is made using five-seam technology. Depending on the application, it can be vacuum or simply sealed. Its main difference is the presence of a special fold at the bottom. When filling the package, the crease is straightened and the bottom is formed, so the doy packs can stand vertically. This is convenient when displaying the product on the store shelves.

    Doy-pack is the abbreviation for Doyen Packaging. The name comes from the name of the inventor Louis Doyen. Although initially the French company did not appreciate the convenience and advantages of the invention, over time it has become popular and is now widely used in the packaging of various food and non-food products.

    Types of doy-pack packaging and manufacturing technology

    Since the doy-pack packaging has gained great popularity, it is now produced in various types and modifications:

    with zip-lock closure (comfortable for reusable use of the product);
    with notches for quick and easy opening;
    with lid, valve or dispenser;
    with a hole-through handle (a special hole for easy transfer) or a separate handle.
    with a European suspension (with a hole in the middle that allows you to hang the package);
    with a transparent window, etc.

    For the manufacture of doy-packs, various polymers are most often used: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, as well as foil and nylon. Thick paper is used less often.

    Depending on the purpose, packages can consist of one layer or several layers. In multi-layer technology often used for different materials. Polyethylene is often used for the inner layer. It provides additional strength to the packaging and protects the product inside from external factors. For the outer layer, polypropylene or Dacron is well suited. The image is applied to them using flexo printing. It allows you to apply high-quality images at minimal cost in large print runs.

    Today, modern production lines are used for the production of dock packs. They work in automatic mode. The manufacturer only needs to debug the package dimensions and other settings. The process is automatic. The operator only manages the equipment. The presence of defective products due to the human factor is excluded.

    Scope of doy-packs

    Doy-pack bags have become an excellent alternative to heavy glass containers and insufficiently strong paper packaging. Now they are successfully used for packaging various products:

    drinking liquids (juices, fruit drinks, water, milk, etc.)
    pasty products (ketchup, sauce, condensed milk, mayonnaise, etc.);
    bulk products (coffee, sugar, cereals, tea, etc.)
    household chemicals (detergent, soap, linen conditioner, etc.);
    products for animals (dry food, filler);
    semi-finished products (dumplings, frozen vegetable mixes, etc.).

    The main advantages of doy-pack packaging

    Doy-pack is now used for packaging various products, as it has many advantages:

    Can provide the necessary storage conditions for the product.
    Some modifications are easy to use when opening multiple times.
    It has a small weight.
    Provides reliable protection from foreign odors and UV light.
    It has a high tensile strength. The risk of damage is minimal.
    Suitable for convenient filling and packaging

    The advantages include the ability to create a bright packaging design, which is important when advertising a product.

    Doy-pack is a practical package for liquid, pasty and bulk products for various purposes.

    If you are interested in doy-pack packaging, our specialists will help You choose the best packaging and packaging service.

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