Product packaging-secrets of high-quality packaging

  • Product packaging-secrets of high-quality packaging

    Multipacking company offers packaging services for any goods. We use state-of-the-art automatic equipment to ensure the safety of your products.

    Requirements for product packaging

    Packaging should not only ensure the safety of the product, but also attract attention to it. High-quality packaging allows you to stand out among competitors and increase sales.

    The basic rules that you need to consider:

    In addition to the bright design, the packaging must contain detailed information about the product: expiration date, composition, manufacturer, and recommendations for use. The text should be clearly readable and in a prominent place. Requirements for information on the packaging depend on the product category.

    The material and shape of the container is chosen taking into account the properties of the product. There are many ways to pack an item. The product can be placed in a bag, box, tube, jar or other container. The choice is determined by the consistency of the substance, shelf life, purpose, and other parameters.

    Automatic packaging ensures high productivity, strength and tightness of the container. Packaging machines perform packing of goods at a speed of 40+ units per minute. This allows you to quickly and efficiently process large batches.

    In some cases, it is preferable to use manual packaging for fragile and valuable goods. Manual work allows you to create a unique packaging, but this method is only suitable for a small number of products.

    The package size should be the smallest possible for this product. This makes it easy to store and transport. At the same time, you need to choose the dimensions of the container so that it protects the product from damage.

    For the selection of suitable packaging, it is recommended to turn to professionals. Multipacking specialists will help you choose the right container, taking into account the product properties.

    Type of packaging

    All the options used can be divided into three groups: rigid, semi-rigid and soft containers.

    Rigid packaging

    This type of container reliably protects the product from damage, direct sunlight, and external factors. Rigid metal and glass packaging is used for food and beverages.

    Such packaging has a number of disadvantages. These include high production costs and inefficient storage and transportation. Use rigid packaging only in cases where it is of additional value to the customer and consumer, or in order to maximize the product

    Semi-rigid packaging

    This type of packaging differs from rigid containers by its lower weight and volume. The cost of its production is lower. Semi-rigid empty packages can be easily folded into each other for economical storage and convenient transportation.

    Semi-rigid packaging is suitable for products that are relatively resistant to external influences. It is recommended to use additional protective equipment during transportation to ensure the safety of the product.

    Soft packing

    This category of packaging is used for products that are resistant to external damage. This packaging is light and convenient. Its production does not require large expenses.

    For transportation of goods in soft packaging, it is recommended to additionally use hard containers. This ensures the protection of the goods.

    Value of product packaging

    Packaging is necessary not only to preserve the properties of the product, it is also an important part of the marketing strategy. The packaging design should attract the consumer's attention and increase sales of the product. Modern packaging equipment allows you to apply any text and image to the container.

    Multipacking offers a wide range of packaging options for any product. To get more information, contact the Manager in any convenient way.

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