5 ways to increase product sales using product packaging

  • The number of products on store shelves is getting bigger and bigger every day. And it is increasingly difficult for brand owners and manufacturers to differ from each other. In the fight for the buyer, it is extremely important to ensure that the product is visible on the shelf, because it takes less than 10 seconds for an ordinary buyer to make a decision about buying from the shelf.
    Many manufacturers underestimate the power of marketing tools to increase sales and rely on proven mechanics in the form of direct product discounts, which is still relevant to this day. Here I would like to highlight 5 simple ways to increase brand sales using product packaging. So,

    1. Packaging is free advertising space.

    Thousands of people see your product on the shelves and the task of the manufacturer is to make it as attractive and understandable as possible.
    What features work in packaging design: "Make it simple" - the principle of keep it simple stupid and highlight the main thing.
    You do not need to place more than 3 key design elements on the front of the package : it can be a product brand, a delicious image of the product, an emotional image of the moment when the product is used , competitive advantages of the product-novelty, composition, naturalness, environmental friendliness, etc. Also, the package may contain a call to action (call to action) – an indication of a discount, promo mechanics, etc. the main thing Is not to overload the package and place only the most powerful images and messages (no more than 3).
    All parts can be placed on the back or side

    2. Cross-promo with a complementary product.

    If you know which product is most often bought together with yours (for example, champagne and sweets, chips and beer, sauce and pasta, etc.), you can launch a joint promotion and offer the buyer 2 products in one promo package at a special price. The implementation of this activity is quite simple , from the point of view of the product part - it can be shrink film, packaging in a box, winding, etc. The key difficulty is in the agreement between companies on the promotion and joint actions.

    3. The use of SRP (shelf ready packaging) or prepack displays.

    This is a fairly new direction and many companies already provide packaging services and packaging design development. The advantages of this type of packaging, in addition to reducing the time to get to the store shelf, are the possibility of additional communication and the ability to increase the visibility of your product on the shelf by building a brand block. Special attention is focused on prepacks - for the manufacturer, this is an opportunity to get additional sales locations in retail outlets, build high-quality communication with the buyer and get sales growth. According to estimates, due to the installation of prepacks, it is possible to grow by 1.5-2 times or more. For a retailer, using prepacks is also beneficial, since it allows you to reduce the cost of storage, logistics and staff work at the point of sale and also get a category increase.
    Packaging in SRP and prepack can be ordered as a service from specialized companies engaged in copaking

    4. Sampling (Sampling)

    When launching a new product, it is important to give the opportunity to try your product to as many consumers as possible in order to build loyalty and ensure customer returns. The basic product can be Packed in special sample packages and activated in traffic malls, supermarkets, and passageways. This type of promotion is considered quite expensive and it is important to evaluate the return on investment as accurately as possible before the start of the promotion.

    5. Creation of promo-sets

    Using the packaging , you can launch the sale of your product along with the accessory that complements it, which carries additional value for the buyer. For example, a glass with a drink, a corkscrew with wine. This promo set will attract attention to the product. When creating such a set, you can also use wrapping, shrink wrap, or group packaging in a promo box

    All the methods described above are guaranteed to increase sales, but it is important to always evaluate the cost part in order for your promotion to be profitable.

     Multipacking can help you grow your brand and provides professional packaging and co-packing services.

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